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Online MiniBluff Rules

Starting match

- From 2 to 5 players.
- 10 credits for each player before starting match.
- Dealing 7 cards from a 52 cards deck.
- Card value is ascending from <2> (lowest card) to <Ace> (highest card).
- Minimum bet for a round is 1 credit.

Starting round

First in the room starts first round of the match, playing first trick with any card.
Next players, clockwise, are allowed to play :
- their lowest card or
- a higher or equal card than highest card in the trick.

Trick winner

Last to play highest card wins the trick.
Trick winner will start next trick with any card.

Double bet

Trick winner can ask others for double bet before starting next trick.
Players who refuse exit of the round and lose their bet.
Asking for double is unavailable :
- on first trick,
- successively by the same player,
- if all players don't have credit to accept.

Round winner

As long as at least 2 players, tricks continues until last trick.
At last trick, first to play lowest card wins the round.
The losers lose their bet. Winner's bet is returned.

Match winner

As long as at least 2 players, clockwise, players start new round.
Last player with credit wins the match.

Time limit to play

Time limit to play is 20 seconds.
On first lack, player exit of the round; At second lack, player exit of the match.

Minibluff championship(s)

Each month, a new championship's is organised.
You can play 20 free matchs per month.
For more gaming, connect to buy credits or illimited period.